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"Bega Kwa Bega"

We just came back from working in Mto wa Mbu (Mosquito River) in Tanzania, a 2 hour drive from Arusha. We did tons of work while we were there, and now we want to share with you everything that we did, from building a barbed wire fence to creating relationships, from attending a Masai Lutheran church service to drinking goat's blood.

There is a DVD in production currently that will have a 20-min "memory" movie, and a shorter "commercial" movie. The DVD will be sold for $5, please email me at bushj@rpi.edu for more information. Periodically I will post clips of the movie so-far. PLEASE give me feed back. Every piece of feed back I get WILL MAKE THE DVD BETTER. If you want the best, please tell me things I should do/that I'm am doing right.
NEW: Sept 15! Now 5:38 long.
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Photo Album

One of the easiest ways to see what we did is look at the photos we took. You can view the photo ablum by clicking here. The photo album is currently nowhere complete, and as we develop our pictures and organize them it will become more comprehensive of our trip.

There is now another photo album available!
Pam's photos can be viewed by clicking here.

Ol Doinyo Lengai

One of the places we went was Ol Doinyo Lengai - The Mountain of God in Masai. It is an active volcano, with a height of 9524 feet above sea level and is located in the Rift Valley. We hiked up the mountain 5600 feet from the base to the crater, a 45 degree climb involving all fours the entire time. We started at 1 am and arived at the summit around 5:30, just in time to see an Africa Sunrise. The volcano is simply amazing! It is like no other volcano in the world. It is the only "carbonated" volcano, and it makes special lava (that is 'cold' lava, about 950 degrees F). This year it was not very active, but we did see soem day-old lava which was still quite warm, but hard enough to sit on to warm yourself up on.

The entire crater has these cones which are all temporary, as this volcano's lava rocks are water soluble and disintegrate in the rain. As we walked across the surface, we could hear our foot steps echoing beneath us, adding to the chorus of gurgling and bubbling we heard. There were many hot steam vents which constantly were producing puffs on sulfur-smelling gas.

We thought the climb up was hard, well the climb done was fun - once you got over falling all the time and scrapping every part of exposed skin you had. Three-quarters of the way down the rock turns into ash, which was quite fun to run down because every step you took you moved 10 feet because it slid so much.

National Geographic did an article on the mountain in 2004, and it can be seen by clicking here.

People who have researched the mountain have also written very nice websites with tons of awesome photos, those can be viewed here and here.


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Pre-Trip Summary

Before we decided to go to Tanzania, we all had to be convinced that this was the place to help. To do so, they gave us the following summary.

Tanzania is the Africa of one's wildest dreams. This land of Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti plains is a home for over 30 million people, and prides itself on over 120 different ethnic groups. Although these groups speak different languages, they are all unified by Swahili, Tanzania's national language. English is also used as an official language.

The crew will be working with Dr. Steve and Bethany Friberg to help renovate one of the many clinics the Fribergs work with in the Northern Arusha area. The crew will also have an opportunity to visit the home of the Fribergs and see the work that Bethany has been doing together with the women one of Tanzania's fascinating ethnic group, the Maasai. See Tanzania from a unique perspective as you work side by side with the Tanzanian communities to renovate their hospitals, as well as share their village's joys and sorrow. Take time to absorb the sounds of different animals at night, and sights of God's creation, and smells of the bush while sharing and ministering to one another. Take a safari and see Tanzania's wild animals and famous sights. Build lifetime relationship as you meet and work with new friends, and let God transform your life through this experience.

This site is still in progress and will have more information on it in the coming days and weeks. Thanks for your patience.

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