Eco-fertilizer for the Grounds Dept. ONGOING

One student representative of the new sustainable business Terracycle is working with the Cornell Grounds department to get them to switch to their organic fertilizer, as well as implementing a bottle reuse program.

(Brian Warshay -

Local Food in Cornell Dining ONGOING

One group is working to develop a research report on sustainable dining ideas from other institutions which will lead to recommendations for Cornell, including a student-run café in the Green Dragon.

(Dana Shapiro -

(Julia Raybould -

Traditional Timberframing Workshops VICTORY

One student is working with a local carpenter to develop a series of workshops to teach the traditional art of timber framing, using sustainably-harvested lumber from Cornell's Arnot Research and Education forest.

(Ethan Rainwater -

LEDs in the Blue Lights ALMOST DONE

One student is using her research done for ALS 477: Environmental Stewardship, and applying it to make recommendations for Cornell's Blue Lights.

(Jenny Pronto -

Composting in Trillium ONGOING

One student is working with Cornell Dining to make the waste stream in Trilium 100% compostable.

(Danielle Wedral -

Revitalizing the Student Farm ONGOING

One team is putting together a proposal for the revitalization and institutionalization of Dilmun Hill Student-Run Organic Farm.

(Alex Rakow -

Green Roofs VICTORY

One team is looking at the feasibility of installing green roofs on Cornell buildings, and working with professors to get them included in building plans for the new MVR wing.

(Erica Bush -

(Myles Gray -

Ithaca Eco-Hostel  ONGOING

One team is heading up a multidisciplinary effort between Cornell and the Level Green Institute to build an Eco-Hostel in Ithaca.

(James Smithmeyer -

(Erica Bush -

Green Accounts ONGOING

A representative of SNRC is working with the Hub and ALS 477 to implement a “green account” scheme for funding environmental initiatives in individual departments at Cornell. 

(Laura McIntyre -


A team of students is working to publicize our efforts, through the use of website design, Sustainability Bulletin Boards, and other publicity media.

 (Ding Kong -