Cornell Sustainability Hub

The Cornell Sustainability Hub is a student-run organization dedicated to promoting and furthering the sustainability of our campus.  The Hub is a coordinating body for a number of student teams (led by “ambassadors”), each focusing on a specific improvement or project Cornell should undertake on campus.  Once a team has a project, they will develop a proposal – with a description of how and why the goal can be accomplished, how much it will cost, examples from other institutions, etc. – which will be given directly to upper-level administrators.  This cooperative relationship with Cornell administration is furthered by the Sustainability Coordinator, with which the Hub works closely.  The Hub will also be assisting the ambassadors to find the right people (faculty, staff, and other students) and pre-existing organizations which could aid them in the development of their proposals, and a committee will be publicizing their actions to the Cornell community. 

Through the framework of the Hub, students have a chance to realize their visions of what Cornell could do to make itself more sustainable.  Whether it is a project that a student group has already been working on, or simply somebody’s pet, the Hub is a new opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to collaborate to make our university a better place.

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